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Solo Travel Broaden's One's Vision

September 11, 2014

Walking near the shore is an opportunity for self reflection and fully absorbing the surroundings. The question I raise is "Would this have happened to me if I was deep in conversation with another?" 

Here is the link to the story published in The Stratford Star on Sept 18th,  Hamlet Hub on Sept 19th and the link to the TV coverage on Sept 12th.  In November, the story published on the Coca-Cola Website.

Stratford Star 

Hamlet Hub

WTNH Channel 8 News recap-sept-12 (1 min 12 seconds into...

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Giving Back

January 8, 2015

When I take a walk on the beach, sometimes there are school children participating in Marine Biology lessons at the shore. It’s wonderful to see them so engaged as they learn about nature hands on.

Their luck made me think about students who live a distance from the beach - what about them?

I wrote to an Artist who teaches in California in a dessert setting to offer her samples of what is typically found beachcombing on the East Coast.  I collected items and mailed them to the school for...

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